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    @ Cape Epic 2019

Legacy Program helping Qhubeka / Moving people forward with bicycles

Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward”. Bicycles help people move forward. With a bicycle, a person can travel faster and further, and carry more. In September 2018, Devonbosch launched program raising funds at Lakeside Paradise in Knokke Belgium, raising over 20,000 Euro for Qhubeka!

Watch, follow & support the journey as Team Devonbosch pushes boundaries while making a difference to our global community by providing people with bicycles.

Qhubeka moves people forward with bicycles. Attaining bicycles through our Learn-to-earn programmes for children and Work-to-earn programmes for adults, we improve access to schools, clinics and jobs.

When you fund a bicycle, you give people access to: 
1 Transport
2 Time
3 Opportunity
4 Saving costs

We also provide bicycles to first responders for disaster relief.

Mobility shrinks distances and gives people the gift of time.
Transportation is a fundamental element of development.Most of Africa’s rural population have no access to transport and people have to walk long distances to access opportunity, education, healthcare, shops and community services. Rural schoolchildren are particularly badly affected by the lack of mobility. In South Africa, of the 16 million school-going children, 12 million walk to school. Of these, 500,000 walk more than two hours each way, spending four hours getting to and back from school each day. Bicycles are the most effective and economical method of quickly addressing this problem.

Together, we are creating a world where transport is no longer a barrier to education, healthcare or economic opportunity.

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