Your Green Star Community - Locality & Easy Access

Corner R304 Bottlary Road, Stellenbosch

Devonbosch corner R304 and Bottleray road and linked to the N1 highway and is defined by excellent accessibility and visibility. Linked by multiple access roads, pedestrian walkways and various modes of public transport, integrated mobility is a reality.
Devonbosch encompasses your every need, connected to everywhere you need to go. Experience a world-class lifestyle, retail, dining, entertainment, and wellbeing in a cutting-edge digital landscape. Devonbosch has everything you need, in one of the most beautiful towns in the world.
Discover a new world at your door step, a thriving community with specialty commercial, retail, and dining. It is a world with seamlessly integrated spaces to live, work and play. Experience a sustainable, smart, green and livable city in the heart of the Winelands.
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Activity Hub
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